Creative Rights & Product Policy

Creative Rights & Product Policy

MerchantQ takes your creative rights very seriously. We have a “zero tolerance” policy for any kind of theft of intellectual property including but not limited to trademarks, patents, copyrights and existing creative works. If at any point a merchant is suspected of offering merchandise or products containing intellectual property that they do not own or have written permission to reproduce and/or sell, the Ad Space will be suspended immediately. Unless the merchant can provide proof that they are the creator of the work or have permission to reproduce and/or sell the work, the closure will remain permanent.

It is the responsibility of each merchant to self-police by ensuring that they have proper intellectual rights to sell any product listed in his or her Ad Space. With that in mind when licensing trademarks or artwork from third parties, please perform your own due diligence to ensure that the third party in fact has the proper rights to offer you those licenses. Even if a merchant believed they were licensing from a reputable third party but it is later suspected that the license is not authentic, the Ad Space will be immediately suspended. If you have any doubt about your right to sell the item, do not list the item for sale.

To protect the entrepreneurs and creatives in our community, our response to creative rights infringement incidents is typically very quick. If MerchantQ receives a complaint that an advertiser is has listed items that are infringing on intellectual property rights, MerchantQ will immediately disable the Ad Space until the Advertiser can provide sufficient documentation that they have the rights to sell the items in question. As stated previously, if the Merchant is unable to provide proof that they have the proper rights and permission to sell the exact items in question, the Ad Space will be permanently and immediately disabled.

Our Advertisers Agreement includes a list of prohibited products.

Highlights include

Unauthorized intellectual property
Domain names
Living creatures / animals
Alcohol, tobacco, drugs,
Anything depicting a person in a sex act
“Adult toys” for which buyers are required to be over 18
Human remains or body parts
Hazardous Material
Replica Items
Tasteful nudity may be allowed if the artwork is considered fine art, such as Michelangelo’s David + Read more detail here. The MerchantQ Handmade Products Marketplace located at is browsed by users of all ages, so please keep that in mind when listing your products.

Whether a product is allowed or not is at the sole discretion of MerchantQ.

If you have any questions, email