Marketplace Vendor Agreement

Respect the marketplace, the customers, other vendors and the rules. I will give you your own market space. I will not restrict your functions. It is your store, you run it how you see fit. Again, it is Your store. I will give you access to all functions and capabilities available for your store. As new features come available I will give you those also. I will do everything I can to make the Marketplace a success and the biggest factor in the Marketplaces success is your success. So the agreement of the Marketplace is simple.

1: Respect and follow any and all requests of the Marketplace. The marketplaces will only work with your support and willingness to help me by following some guidelines.

2: Treat the Customer and Vendors as you would want to be treated. I will take customer/vendor and vendor/vendor problem resolution serious.

3: Do not engage in fraud or deception when selling products. Fraud is defined as anything acted out with the intent to deceive another person in order to bring to you a gain at the other persons loss.

Sell what you say it is and Deliver what you sell.

4: Run a fair and honest business.

5: Please only select one (1) or (2) categories per product. Another part of the success of the Marketplace is structure and organization. I am building the categories structure to be category and product specific. This benefits the customer in finding what they want. When a customer is looking for skydiving products in a specific department I don’t think they want to have to filter through a pile of non-related items just to find what there looking for. That’s how the rest of the internet is, this is what we are trying to change.

6: Please, Please only place your item in a category that is directly related to the item. Please. If you need a category or can’t find yours please contact me by whatever means I have made available to you. I am available to support you because supporting you helps support me, ok?.

I reserve the right to remove any and all products from the site that are found to be listed in non-related categories and a warning will be sent to the vendor that if they violate this rule again they will be removed from the marketplace. This rule has to be strict because it is the foundation of MerchantQ. If this structure fails so do I and so do you.

A customer wants what they want when they want it. If they can’t find it they will move on. So give them what they want or at least what they are interested in. That’s the whole idea behind category and product specific organization. Help the customer to be a happy shopper. Give them a place to shop that is pleasant and not stressful and they will come back and buy from you, heck they would probably rather wait for you to get a product than to go on the internet and have to search for it.


I reserve the right to run the Marketplace as my own business as you reserve the right to run your Store as yourown business, I will remove anyone who means to

break, infringe, or transgress (a law, rule, agreement, promise, instructions, etc.) Or who means to treat anyone irreverently or disrespectfully; or who desecrates or who is profane or fraudulent.

I believe all of you would agree that these are simple and fair rules.