Vendor Store Front (Monthly)

Initial Payment $1.00 for First Month and Next $4.99 per Month

Start off with the free plan and grow your business. When your ready and Need to add more products and Categories, and your sales have increased, and your paying more than the Monthly Membership cost in commission fees with your Free Account,.. Upgrade and take advantage of the savings in your lower per/sale commission cost.

More Money in your pocket per Sale

We really are working to help you out.

Features List

  • Low Monthly Membership Fee (to cover administrative costs of your account)
  • Low 2.9% + $0.30 commission per sale. You don't pay a Paypal Gateway Fee.
  • 100 Products
  • No Listing Fees
  • Weekly Payouts. You May request early Withdrawl of funds once you have a minimum $25.00 in your account.
  • Set and Schedule Sales
  • Create and Submit Coupons
  • Create Return/Cancelation/Shipping Policies
  • Your Own Vendor Shop Support Page
  • You save 2.9% in commission fees per sale (More Take Home Money/sale) by your Customers Purchasing through the MerchantQ Payment Gateway
  • Its your Own Store without the hassles of building a website and hosting.