A new concept in shipping from MerchantQ.
Our way of bringing fairness and honesty to shipping charges. Don’t let shipping costs stop you from buying anymore.

We use a “Pay It Forward Shipping” plan. We took the average shipping cost between zones per weight class, Venders, Zone 1 would be within 50 miles of you, Zone 2 would be within 150 miles of you, Zone 3…., Zone 9 would be California to NY, and applied them.

The idea is that if a customer in California buys from a vendor in Arizona, Zone 3, they will pay Zone 5 shipping, a little more in shipping than actual cost, and if a customer in NY buys from the same vender in Arizona, Zone 8, they will pay Zone 5 Shipping, a little less than the actual cost to ship. The customer in California covers the extra cost for the customer in NY, and the shipping cost to you will balance itself out and you will not have a loss due to shipping cost.

Now the benefit to the customer is that if a customer in California buys from a Vendor in NY they will pay a little less in shipping from that vendor, and if the same customer buys from a vendor in Arizona he will pay a little more in shipping from that Vendor, covering the extra cost for NY to ship to California. The cost of shipping to everyone will balance out. Its a win win for everyone and it makes the ease of listing a product, and shipping a product, effortless and the customer doesn’t have to worry about spending to much money to ship.

Don’t worry about shipping costs. Don’t let shipping get in the way of doing business anymore. Vendors, just list your products, sell them, ship them and get paid. Customers, if you like a product from a vendor just buy it. Your shipping costs will all balance out to a fair price to pay for shipping for everyone. Lets put the fun back in online shopping and selling.