Seller FAQ's

What protection do I have as a seller?

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Scam customers are very rare, but misunderstandings can arise, so it’s good to know about your protection options anyway.
If the customer purchased via PayPal
PayPal has their own dispute system and they do offer seller protection, provided the transaction meets the criteria for that. You can find more details on PayPal’s website.
How can I avoid chargebacks completely?
The best way to protect yourself is to make sure disputes aren’t filed against you in the first place. Here are the most important steps:

Make sure that customers will recognize the description that appears on their credit card statements. We recommend you choose the name that customers most closely associate with you. This might not be your official corporate name—your website domain or the product for which you are known may be a good choice.
Make it really easy for irate customers to find your customer service contact information, and respond to customer inquiries quickly.
Similarly, have clear return and refund policies and make it really easy for irate customers to find them on your website.
If you ship physical goods, communicate accurate delivery times and keep customers updated throughout the delivery process, especially if there are unforeseen delays. If possible, use online tracking and delivery confirmation.

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