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What sizes should my images be?

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There’s no fixed rule for this, in most cases we’re able to deal with whatever shapes and sizes you throw at us and make them work.

Your product images must be less than 3MB

Background and header images must be under 2MB

However, to make your images look the best possible, here’s a few tips:
Your header image needs to be at least 980 pixels wide. It can be any height you want but if it’s too tall, people won’t be able to see your products when they first arrive at your store and may just leave.
Your product images will look best if you make them square (not rectangular). They need to be at least 200 pixels across but we recommend between 500 and 1000 pixels. If they are too wide, the file will be too large to upload.
Your avatar should also be square. A similar size to your product images will work fine.
Starting out with a small image and simply making it bigger will result in a very low quality picture.
If your files are too large to upload, it’s better to resize the image to make the dimensions smaller than to use a lower resolution save quality.

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